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Welcome to the CyberCave of CoolNameDenied, better known as Taran Rampersad In The Real World (ITRW). I'm a professional software developer, author and experimenter with a variety of interests. If you are here for my services, please click on the Services button on the left.

Navigation is through the menu on the left; the "CCC" stands for CoolNameDenied's CyberCave .

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November 23, 2002

If you're wondering why this site hasn't been updated lately, check out - where a new site is being built that will eventually replace this one. It's complete with weblog and everything! :)

Updates have been slower in coming than they were planned - mainly because I had been brainstorming directions of aspects ofthe site. Also, I'm now doing work on a Local (Trinidad & Tobago site) hardware site that I am affiliated with - Syscom.

The Reading section has been reorganized (take a look) to allow for growth. The Software Development section has been added to - I've been busy learning Perl and C#, though C# isn't reflected yet. A Blog is back in operation - it's a popup for now, but that will change in a few days (I hope!). More updates this week, I expect - it seems I have the time!

August 6th, 2002:

A SiteMap has been added, and some addition of development humor has been added.

August 4th, 2002:

The Services Page has been updated. Otherwise, some new thoughts, a plethora of C++ links (under Software Development), some new links to Downloads, and some fixes to some bugs on the site.

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